GPS Software for Google Earth
GPS Software for Google Earth
by Greg Heppenstall
by Greg Heppenstall
February 2012
Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers
1. Can I transfer my license to a new computer if my Registered computer fails? Yes. Just send me the new Serial Number and I'll send you a new Key Code. No charge.
2. My Serial/USB adapter or GPS Receiver doesn't seem to work on Bungee, COM Check, Tallon.

I get an Error Message:

Run-time error '8020'
Error reading comm device
In most cases, this problem is cleared when you update the software drivers provided for your Serial/USB communications device. (GPS receiver, Serial/USB adapter, etc)

Ref. Microsoft Support Article ID 318784

Ref. US Globalsat Problem BU-353 on Windows 8
Ref. US Globalsat Solution See reply #4