GPS Software for Google Earth
GPS Software for Google Earth
by Greg Heppenstall
by Greg Heppenstall
February 2012
Canada NMEA Client

NMEA Client 2.0

A bi-directional bridge for NMEA-0183 communications between a Serial COM Port and a TCP/IP Server. Download
  • Transmit the NMEA Sentences received via
    TCP/IP to a Serial Port.
  • Transmit the NMEA Sentences received via
    Serial Port to a TCP/IP network.
  • Operate as a TCP/IP Client connected to a
    user-selected Server IP Address and Port Number.
  • Several instances of NMEA Client can be
    run simultaneously.
  • Compatible with Bonavista, Tallon
    and NMEA Server
  • Use any available Serial Port COM 1 to COM 256.
  • Use the NMEA standard bit rate 4800,
    or any other basic rate 300 to 115200.
  • Serial Ports can be physical, USB-adapter, Bluetooth or Virtual.
  • Display local Host IP Address.
  • Display current Latitude, Longitude and GMT.
  • Indicate receipt of valid position Sentences
    RMC, GGA and GLL, and any other
    NMEA Sentence, OTH.
  • Connect and disconnect manually.
  • Re-connect automatically, upon
    start-up and after any network drop-outs.
  • Indicate status of TCP/IP and Serial connections.
  • All settings are saved and restored between
  • A Serial and/or TCP/IP source of NMEA-0183 Sentences
    (such as Tallon, NMEA Server, etc)
  • A Local Area Network (wired or wireless).
  • A Serial COM Port (Physical/Bluetooth/Virtual/USB-Adapter)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)